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Any movie buff getting excited about watch a large budget Hollywood flick this Christmas season will probably be interested to know how the Keanu Reeves starrer, remake in the 1951 classic sci-fi movie The Day the Earth Stood still, will probably be releasing in theaters and IMAX worldwide around the 12th of December.

There is speculation among the film fraternity this would be the movie that will offer a lift to the sagging film career of Keanu Reeves following your poor showing from the two latest Matrix movies.

The movie shows an alien Klaatu (Reeves) visiting Earth together with his indestructible robot companion Gort with a message from outer space that Earth might have to face destruction when the people living in the earth do not attract peace to the civilizations existing on Earth. Klaatu includes a negative mindset against the humans and his interaction and association with Helen (Jennifer Connely), a astrobiologist of Princeton University and her stepson Jacob (Jaden Smith) could probably change his attitude towards humans.

The manners in which Dr. Helen and her stepson convince Klaatu the importance of human lives are the top scenes inside the movie. The Day the Earth Stood Still remake version is directed by Scott Derrickson and is compiled by David Scarpa. Apart from the two lead actors, Kathy Bates, Jon Hamm and John Cleese have produce stellar performances in the movie. The 104 minute long film is created by Erwin Stroff and Paul Harris Boardman and is brought towards the theaters worldwide by 20th century Fox productions.

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